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About Us

We are Francesca and Daniel and we welcome you to our beautiful slice of paradise, Wattle Tree Ridge. Nestled in the foothills of the Toowoomba Ranges, our little farm is our sanctuary, with sweeping views of Mount Campbell and surrounding farmland, wide blue skies and an ever changing landscape of local wildlife to enjoy.


Even through the tough times, farm life is still the life for us! We love planting trees and seeing our pastures explode with life. Our flock of Damara sheep are a constant source of entertainment and once they have stopped bleating at us for treats, we love to sit and watch them grazing and playing as the daylight fades over the range.

Once a horse property, our focus has shifted, with Wattle Tree Ridge now becoming a flower farm. We grow seasonal, spray-free flowers; no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides used on our blooms! The horse addiction dies hard though, so there are still three cheeky, fat geldings running around, causing mischief.  


Our Mission:

We feel a deep connection and responsibility to this land and we acknowledge and respect the many generations of stewards who have cared for this landscape.

Our mission is to restore the wild areas of our home to the healthy, vibrant Semi-Evergreen Vine Thicket it once was. To share the land with our wildlife by providing more areas of habitat and corridors connecting surrounding woodlands.


We are excited to explore the multitude of regenerative practices used to build deep, healthy, life filled soil so  that our ecosystems are more resilient and productive.

We hope to share this with you in the future, to demonstrate that farming and a healthy ecosystem can co-exist to provide abundance for all.


Find Balance

Balance between land use for our business and land for our wildlife, balance between work and rest, to find our joy, to be healthy and peaceful, to reconnect with our community, to give back where we can.

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